We have recently released the “Student Dashboard” for parents & students. The Dashboard is aimed at providing students and parents an easy overview over their tutoring experience. In the initial version we have components about “membership”, “bookings” and “tutors” shown to them (see screenshot). Very soon we want to follow up with more components including feedback on “engagement” and “progress” from tutors.

And this is where you come in! 😉

So what will be new?

After each regular completed lesson we will now ask you to rate the student’s:

  • engagement - Did the student ask and answer questions proactively? Was the student not distracted by their phone and is actively participating in the lesson? etc.
  • preparation - Has the student shared material and prepared questions to ask before the lesson? Has the student completed tasks that were agreed on in previous lessons? etc.
  • understanding of the content - Has the student understood or got closer to understanding the topic discussed in the lesson?

These three areas will be rated  with a star rating from 1 to 5 (bad to excellent) after each lesson  and is mandatory - it’s just a few clicks but will give students and parents great insights! This feedback, both individual lesson rating and aggregated average of the month,  will then be visible in the “Student Dashboard'' for parents and students to see.

Optionally, you can also share anything else you want to highlight in an open text field. This will only be mandatory if you rate any of the categories lower than 3 stars so that we can better understand what the issue might be.

When will this come into place?

It is live now!

What is still to come?

Initially the feedback you give will only be available to students & parents. However, we are already working on making this also available to you in your student overview. We will keep you posted!

Thank you for helping your students to unlock their full potential! 🤓