👉 Free live webinars to develop as a tutor: GoStudent Fundamentals & Master Classes

⬆️ Extend your skill set

🤝 Meet other GoStudent tutors

📝 Grow your CV

🤓 Become GoStudent savvy, learn ways to operate the platform smoothly

💬 Learn to communicate professionally with students and parents

➕ Build up your student base

UK/IE TA Calendars by Olivia Sharp

Please note: The password for fundamental webinars is learnteachgrow

Dear Tutors!🎉We are excited to offer you a global incentive programme to learn, teach and grow with the ⚡Tutor Academy based on your voices from our survey.

  • We will reward tutors who achieve milestones along their Tutor Academy journey🏆
  • 📋☑️In order to be eligible, you should attend a certain number of Fundamental webinars and complete the respective pre- and post- questionnaires

Apart from the opportunity to level up your tutoring skills and develop yourself professionally, you will receive the following:

  • 🌳 GoStudent makes a tree donation through our partners WeForest  – after completing 3 Fundamentals
  • 🎁 You will receive an exclusive resource pack of educational materials for you and your student   – after completing 6 Fundamentals
  • 🏅You will receive a certificate of voluntary participation  – after completing all Fundamentals

Our Tutor Academy Fundamentals are:

  • Trial session success
  • How to structure a 50-minute lesson plan
  • How to create a study plan
  • What makes a good tutor?
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Onboarding 2.0
  • Learning methods
  • Learning differences
  • Digital tools for online tutoring

Our mission statement is: “Learn. Teach. Grow.” and we developed the GoStudent Fundamentals specifically to give you the opportunity to develop professionally as a tutor. By attending these live webinars we hope to equip you with knowledge and tools to enhance your tutoring skills while also having fun along the way!

Rules of the incentives

  • 📋☑️ In order to be eligible for incentives, you should attend any 3, 6, or all Fundamentals from beginning to end, complete both pre- and post-webinar questionnaires and be an active, registered tutor in any of our current markets.
  • 💡 Attendance in Fundamental webinars in any language count. Double participation in the same webinar will make no difference as long as both surveys have been completed before.
  • 📩 Participation in past Fundamental webinars also counts as long as both pre- and post-questionnaires have been completed.

    For more information, have a look at the flyer! 👀👇 We’re looking forward to seeing you in the next ⚡Tutor Academy webinars! 🤓

This December, the Tutor Academy will be hosting the first ever GoStudent Learning Festival!

What is it?

A global, 2 day, online learning festival with talks, workshops, panel discussions and activities to support the development of every tutor on the platform 💪

🗓️ When is it?

On the 1st and 2nd December, with global events running from 9am to 8pm CET. We will also be running a UK/IE Spotlight session on Thursday 1st December called Motivate your students!  

🎟️Where do I sign up!?

You can register for events on eventbrite here!

For more information, contact tutor.academy@gostudent.org