📣 Great news tutors 🎉 We are excited to share with you improvements to our Pausing/Quitting process ⏸️⏹️

🌟 Effective from July 13th these changes aim to considerably ⬇️ reduce the amount of admin and time taken to find replacement tutors for your existing students 🎓

👋  There is no longer any need for you to find the replacement tutors, should you find yourself needing to take a pause from tutoring or are leaving GoStudent follow these steps

1️⃣ Inform your students of your intention to leave or to take a break
2️⃣ Complete the pause/resign form found in the 'profile section' of your WebApp 3️⃣ Submit a 'Student take over form' for each of your regular students
4️⃣ Leave the student group/say goodbye in the GoChat and allow us to take over the rest

🖊️ Please note - the process for finding a short-term tutor replacement remains as before 😎
Further information can be found here.