Together with Seneca, we have just launched a new content platform offering free resources to be used in your online lessons.πŸ”₯ We have developed this platform specifically for our tutors. After having tested this platform over the last weeks, we are finally ready to share this new development with you in this BETA testing phase. You can find it here. πŸ‘ˆ

We have chosen this partnership to make your day to day work easier – based on the feedback from our tutor community, as many of you have informed us that you struggle sometimes to find the right resources to plan your lessons! We want this platform to become the place where every one of you finds the best content pieces for each tutoring session! πŸ’‘

  • a content search function, with filters (by age group, subject, etc.) to improve the search experience πŸ”
  • a smart content preview, to see the content behind the results
  • a share content button, to send a link for the resource to the student
  • an in-app feedback system, to help us collect your feedback to further improve the platform for you 😊

For the time being, we are rolling this out in two of our markets and the resources can only be found in English. ✍️ Rollout across other markets, and resources in different languages, will be considered soon! 🌎 We are also planning to include a rating feature to curate the best content and to add a β€œshare content” function, which will eventually allow you to add resources to the platform and share them with other tutors should you wish. πŸš€

Note: if you have used this Seneca platform before, you may be redirected to In this case, please perform a force refresh (cmd+shift+r) to clear your browser cache and reload the webpage.