We have recently made some changes to the Vacancy page to make it even easier for you to take over regular students. Read below about what has changed and how it works!

  • Subject split
    To make it easier for you to find vacancies, we have split up the vacancies into 3 pages. There is now a dedicated one for Maths, English and one for Science & other subjects.
  • Overview of past vacancies
    We added a list of past vacancies on the overview page so that you can reread information about a vacancy that you have been added to
  • Reference number
    The reference number contains numbers only and is a little longer BUT will make the application easier, as your application can automatically be added to the selected vacancy.
  • Support number
    Choose 2 - 6 - 6 to ask questions or apply.
  1. All opportunities will be added to the respective page for the desired subject (Maths, English , Science & other subjects.) - so make sure you are checking these pages regularly!
  2. Browse through the opportunities
  3. Apply, by clicking on the reference number of the vacancy you want to apply for and it will automatically send the reference number to the support number.
    You can also ask questions about vacancies by reaching out on the Support Number (choose 2 - 6 - 6)
  4. If you choose "apply" your application will automatically go through to our team.
  5. If you have been selected for the vacancy, you will be sent the WhatsApp invite link to join the WhatsApp group* with the new student you have taken on. This link expires in 24hrs, so please join as soon as you are sent this message.

*When joining a WhatsApp group please use this format so everyone in the group knows who you are and what lesson you will be taking on.

'Hi my name is _____________,
I will be your new ________ tutor. When would you like your first ________ session so I can get it booked in for you?'

  • If you have forgotten which student you have taken on, you can now check the reference number on the vacancy page.
  • The students will always be regular students (already doing lessons on the platform)
  • A whole range of subjects! Although most requests will be the in-demand subjects such as Maths, Science and English, there will also be requests for other and more niche subjects.
  • Long-term opportunities: most requests will be for permanent cover. Meaning you need to make sure you have enough time and space to take on this student!
  • Short-term opportunities: there will be opportunities for shorter term cover (a few weeks). This will happen in the case where the original tutor is off sick, or has paused their account.

Don't be put off by a posting if you cannot teach all of the subjects listed, apply and let us know which of the subjects you are wanting to take on 🤓