The Tutor of the Year Awards is a way for GoStudent to recognise and celebrate tutors. Without the tutors, we would not be able to achieve our mission of building the number one global school 🌍

The Tutor of the Year Awards 2022 will recognise top tutors in all markets under various categories. The categories are as follows:

1. Tutor of the Year UK/IE 2022 πŸ†

2. English Tutor of the Year (most popular subject in your market) πŸ“š

3. Maths Tutor of the Year (2nd most popular subject in your market)βž—

For these three categories the winner is selected on the basis of various aspects, especially positive customer feedback and nominations.

4. Mentor of the Year πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

The winner is selected on the basis of the voting of tutors. More information on this soon!

5. Tutor Academy Champion ⚑

For this category the winner is selected on the basis of various aspects, such as voluntary participation in local and global webinars as well as completed surveys.

Feel free to ask your students or their parents to nominate them using the form they received by WhatsApp.

The UK/IE Online Market Awards Ceremony will take place on the 9th December 2022 Β πŸ“… Join us to crown our winners!

πŸ‘‰RSVP hereπŸ‘ˆ

If tutors don’t want to be in consideration for the Tutor of the Year Award, they can let GoStudent know by sending an e-mail to Β anytime until 14 November 2022.

The winners of the Tutor of the Year Award in each market will be invited to travel to Vienna, Austria from 6th February - 11th February 2023 for the Global Tutor of the Year celebration. If the winner is unable to attend the trip, the next runner-up available to attend will be invited. However, the first-place winner will still remain Tutor of the Year. The tutor is responsible for providing a visa, if needed. GoStudent will provide further prizes for the categories 2-5.

Check out last years winners trip to Vienna below πŸ‘‡

We can’t wait to celebrate you all on the 9th of December πŸ†
Your UK/IE Tutor Team πŸ€“

The Tutor of the Year Award is hosted by GoStudent and is a completely voluntary offering. The tutors have no claim whatsoever, neither for now nor for the future to be nominated or win the awards. GoStudent is not obliged to offer the Tutor of the Year Award in the future.

Cash redemption for prizes is not possible.

The liability of Gostudent, its organs, employees and vicarious agents arising from or in connection with the Awards, irrespective of the legal grounds, is limited to the extent permitted by law to cases of intent or gross negligence.

The Tutor of the Year Award is governed exclusively by Austrian law.

The winner is responsible for paying any taxes, duties and fees associated with the prizes.

GoStudent expressly reserves the right to exclude participants in the event of suspected impairment of the chances of winning through manipulation or other improper or unfair means, or to deny or reclaim the prize already awarded and to determine a replacement winner