💡 Everything you need to know about payments and bonuses


For each regular session, you will receive a base rate of up to £16 depending on a range of factors including availability, taught subjects and the number of completed sessions per month.

You can find current base rates for lessons (50 minutes) in the WebApp in the Earnings Section.

It is obligatory to fill in the feedbackon the WebApp in order to receive the payment for your session! You have 24 hours after each regular session and 30 minutes after a trial session to fill this in. After each regular session, you can give more detailed feedback to the student and/or parent in GoChat if you wish.


When a session amount is incorrect on your WebApp, an adjustment request must be made.

We receive an average of 1000 requests per month 😱. They are processed by members of the GoStudent Tutor Team, and always finalised before the payment cycle! 👍🏼

Do not worry :

📍 Processing time - please be patient your adjustment will be reviewed by the payout period (12th-17th).

Please note :

📍 The sessions sent from your WebApp adjustment do not need to appear in your manual form.

To submit an adjustment request, click on the dollar button 💲 next to the past session in the WebApp. This button is available 3 hours after the start of the session.

For any adjustment request, we need a screenshot.

For example: a student/teammate confirmation via WhatsApp with the date and time, or a photo of the session with the date and time .

Any other request that does not respect this format will not be taken into account and will remain pending, you will then receive an explanatory email ⏳.

Please see the example screenshot below:

🟢🟠🔴 When a request is processed, there are 3 display options on the WebApp:

🟢 Green : The adjustment is accepted, even if the amount remains red.

🟠 Orange : The adjustment has been accepted but the adjusted amount has been corrected.

🔴 Red : The adjustment has been refused, you will then receive an explanatory email/comment on the adjustment.

When a session does not appear in the WebApp or the adjustment is not available, you must complete the adjustment form 🧐.

It is available here , you have to download it to be able to fill it.

This form is to be completed throughout the month, and to be sent only once between the 30th and the 3rd of the following month , by email to payments@gostudent.org.

Screenshots must be attached to the email to justify your requests! 🤳🏻

Further Guidance About Adjustments

We know that sometimes it is inevitable that there are errors or factors that make adjustments necessary🔧  Therefore, we would like to share with you what these adjustments options are and which options are valid for requests.

Below you will find a description of each of the options in the drop-down menu that describes your problem:

The session was not rescheduled on time

Now you have until 9 minutes before the class to reschedule it, but we all have unforeseen events, so in very specific cases the request will be valid with the correct evidence showing that the class was rescheduled.

🔗The session link was sent to the student/the student did not log in correctly through their profile

It is essential that students know how to login correctly on the platform to access their lessons, otherwise the session adjustment will not be valid. In exceptional cases, the session will be reviewed and will be considered for approval.

💡TIP: Spend the first few minutes of your first regular class going over how to access the classes, and if the student is having problems, refer them to the Support Line so they can help them. You can also share these links with tips:

GoClass Help Centre 👉 https://help.lesson.classgap.com/gs


Join a session 👉https://gostudentsuccesscentre.helpjuice.com/en_GB/1666030-find-join-a-lesson

🚒Technical problems during the class in GoClass

When you experience technical problems within the virtual classroom / the internet speed is not good / you use tablets or mobiles that are not optimized with the app.

Sometimes with a short test, you can solve most of the problems, check and share this link for general Goclass questions👉 https://help.lesson.classgap.com/es/gs

🚫The session was done outside of GoClass

Students are familiar with other platforms and are reluctant to try Goclass. Please share the benefits and advantages of having all the information on one platform. Only in emergency situations will it be acceptable to create an external session with another platform.

⚙️Webapp was not working

If the webapp is undergoing updates and you can't access it because of technical problems, select this option and create an emergency session.

It is very important to add the correct reason that describes the purpose of the request as well as to attach a valid proof (screenshot of the conversation with the student/family in the chat group, Gochat, screenshot of the live session) always in .jpg format.

We would like to remind you that only adjustments received during the current month and up to the 3rd of the following month will be taken into account on the WebApp. Adjustments from previous months will need to be considered as manual adjustments and sent to payments@gostudent.org.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

GS Tutor Support Team


⚠️ The payment cycle is between the 12th and 17th of the following month.⚠️

All earnings are paid out fully the month after they are earned, there is no minimum amount required for your payment to be triggered in each pay cycle.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It can take up to 7 days for a transaction to be processed and appear in your account.
  • In the case that you are still waiting for any of your payments by the 18th of the following month, please reach out to us at payments@gostudent.org.


Everything you need to know about recredits for students.

At times a student will request to be recredited for a session. Please note that if a tutor decides to allow for this recredit, they will not be able to be paid for the session.

Students sometimes ask for a recredit for the following reasons:

  • Their internet connection was poor
  • They were not able to attend the session or forgot to attend the session and did not provide 30 minutes notice to tutor before the start of the session
  • They became ill during the session and/or could not complete the session for some other reason.

If a tutor feels that they would like this student to be recredited for a session, they can do this in one of two ways.

  1. Requesting an adjustment to set the session to ´Neither party attended´. This way the tutor will not receive compensation and the student will not be deducted a credit.
  2. If the session in question is from a past month and can no longer be requested on the WebApp, please ask the student to come through to the support line to raise the request with a Customer Care representative, they will review the case.

Please note that in any case, any same session cannot simultaneously be paid out to tutor and also recredited to student.

As always, with any doubts or if you feel that you have encountered a situation that is not covered here, please contact us at payments@gostudent.org and we will review the case individually.