For your payments to be registered correctly, please promptly fill in the feedback after each session. It is extremely important for you to keep on top of this to ensure that your earnings are processed accurately.

In the rare circumstance that you are unable to fill out the feedback, please submit an adjustment request. This needs to be submitted via the Webapp and is available from 3 hours after the session up to a week.

To submit an adjustment request, click on the dollar button 💲 next to the past session in the WebApp. This button is available 3 hours after the start of the session and lasts up to a week.

For the rare adjustment request, we need a screenshot.

For example a student/teammate confirmation via WhatsApp with the date and time, or a photo of the session with the date and time.

Any other request that does not respect this format will not be taken into account and will remain pending, you will then receive a message on the adjustment⏳.

Please see the example screenshot below:

🟢🟠🔴 When a request is processed, there are 3 display options on the WebApp:

🟢 Green: The adjustment is accepted, even if the amount remains red.

🟠 Orange: The adjustment has been accepted but the adjusted amount has been corrected.

🔴 Red: The adjustment has been refused, you will then receive an explanatory message on the adjustment.

We want to remind you that it is imperative that lessons are only carried out via the platform. Likewise, your students must also access their sessions via the Webapp.

However, in some circumstances, there are factors that make these adjustments necessary🔧. Therefore, we want to share with you what these adjustments would be and what options are valid for requests. Visit our blog here to find out more 👉🏼

Add session button

When a session does not appear in the WebApp or the adjustment is not available, you must use the 'Add session function'.

Go to the Student Overview and find the student you need to make an adjustment for.

Click on the three dots

Press “Add missing lesson”

Fill out the request form by adding the date, time, and proof, and select the reason for the untracked lesson

Please use this message as a template to send to your student. A screenshot of their response confirming the lesson will be used as your evidence:

Hi Student,

As I was unable to book our lesson on DATE & TIME in SUBJECT in time, I would briefly need your confirmation that the lesson was held in order to book it correctly. Once the lesson is approved, a credit will be removed.

Thank you for your time!

You can find more information on our Add Session Button here:

Screenshots must be attached to the email to justify your requests! 🤳🏻


⚠️ The payment cycle is between the 12th and 17th of the following month.⚠️

You have the opportunity to earn a £50 voucher by promoting GoStudent around you! 👯🏽‍♂️

  • £200 for each student that joins GoStudent.
  • £50 if you refer a tutor.

Terms :

  • The referred person must use the link that the referee sends, available in the WebApp tab “ earn £50 and more ”.
  • In order for the Referral Voucher to be generated, the referred tutor must have completed their first regular session.
  • If the referee has forgotten to use the referral link or the referred person forgot to join using the link then may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Email with the name of the referred person, whether it was a tutor or student and any proof from messages to show that the referral took place. Please note that there is no guarantee that your referral will be accepted without the link but our team will review your case.

From October 1, 2022, we review the number of your completed trial and regular lessons every six months and, where applicable, increase your per-lesson earnings.

1️⃣ Complete at least 150 lessons within your 6-month evaluation period and get a basic increase in per lesson earnings of £/€ 1.00.

2️⃣Complete 300 lessons or more within your 6-month evaluation period and get a premium increase in per lesson earnings of £/€ 1.50.

We'll be running the old and new bonus system in parallel until 31/03/23 to make sure you're able to finish the bonus cycle you were in when this announcement was made.

The counter for the new bonus model will begin from 01/10/22 and the revised page for the new bonus section will be available in early October.

When you complete a set number of sessions with the same student, you will receive a bonus per milestone. This bonus will only show after the sessions have been completed and not when booked.🧑‍🏫. Please note if you joined GoStudent after the 1st of April 2023 then this bonus does not apply to you.

See the breakdown of milestones below:

The Frequency bonus will be added after the session after the milestone has been reached (11th, 21st, 33rd session, and so on).


You will be paid 6.50 for a no-show session.

Here are some tips and reminders for when bugs occur:

- If a bonus is not showing up, check that the allotted time has passed, and don't worry:

- If the tutoring team has been contacted and the bonus is confirmed, it will be paid.

- If after the allotted time, nothing appears, then do not hesitate to send an email to The bonus will not be lost.