There are some changes regarding your Zoom Account.

From the now on, you will not have a personalised GoStudent Zoom account anymore, instead GoStudent will generate your session links automatically in the WebApp. πŸ’»

Sessions can only be started in the WebApp via the β€œstart session” button. πŸ‘‡

- We would recommend syncing your Google Calendar with the WebApp so you have the session link there as well. πŸ“…

- You will also receive the Zoom link via SMS before the session to use in case you have issues accessing the WebApp. The link should be generated as soon as you book a lesson however, we recommend scheduling your sessions in advance so that the link is generated in time. πŸ“±

Please follow the above changes to ensure that there is no need for manual adjustments and your sessions are tracked accurately πŸ˜€